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  • Agronomy Services

  • Pastures & Crop Management – Weed Control

  • Water Management

  • Livestock Health & Well-Being

  • Pest Management

  • Bulk Fertiliser & Spreading

  • Rural Stock Yards & Fencing

  • Farm Machinery & Equipment / Tools

  • Dairy supplies & Technical Support

  • On Farm & Shop Service Technicians 

  • Commercial Detergents

  • Transport Delivery Services

  • Certified Heavy & Light Vehicle Weighbridge

  • Welding & Metal Fabrication

Southern Farm Supplies has over 30 years’ experience servicing & supporting all things farming in the Bega Valley and surrounding areas.  We pride ourselves as a family business with experienced staff who know how to support the needs of our new & existing customers with good old fashioned friendly service. We stock an extensive range of quality products & are specialised distributors for Westfalia, GEADuncan Gilltrap, DavieswayGrainlineAF Systems, and many more.

Bega: 65-67 Auckland St, Bega NSW 2550                               Phone: (02) 6492 3500

Email: mail@sfsbega.com.au

Bemboka:  Snowy Mountains Highway, Bemboka NSW 2550   Phone:  (02) 6493 0278

Email: mail@sfsbega.com.au

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