Shoof International

Shoof are a well known New Zealand based company, who cater for animals from cats and dogs, sheep and goats, pigs and poultry and horses and cattle.

We have a wide variety of Shoof products in stock

  • Poultry drinkers, feeders, leg bands, brood lamps and brood nest eggs.
  • Milking gloves, sleeves and gowns.
  • Dairy wipes
  • Kick Stop Clamps
  • Dehorners and Debudders
  • Hoof knives, lifters and mats
  • FIL tail and udder paint
  • Hoof Snips
  • Bull Holders
  • Dog Muzzles and Collars
  • Farm Hand water bowls
  • Calving chains
  • Water nipple drinkers
  • Aluminium Calf Weaners
  • Plus many more items.