Disc Mill

The Disc Mill is a type of Mill used for crushing or grinding by attrition at grain size level.

The Disc Mill in the Multicracker uses a series of opposing discs where stock is fed between. The discs are held close and parallel to each other to create a grinding chamber out of a resulting gap.

The discs spin at up to 3000 RPM to grind the material, and once a desired size has been reached the material will exit the gap at the edges of the discs. The speed & gap of all  machines can be manually or automatically be adjusted with computer programming.

There are different types of Disc Mills:

  • Single -One Disc spins along a base to grind items
  • Double – It crushes items by grinding them between two interconnecting plates. (ie. Multicracker Mills)
  • Vibrating – They use high speed vibration to separate items after they have been crushed or ground.