Weston Milling Animal Nutrition


Livestock well-being impacts directly on profitability, meaning feed choices are hugely important. We pride ourselves on producing exceptional, specialised feeds that incorporate quality raw materials, ensuring a complete and nutritionally balanced feed at all times.

We stock Dairy, Calf and Calverite Pellets from the Weston Milling range in 30kg bags. We can also order 12T, 20T or 32T trailer loads as required of any of their product range. Please note in doing so we need to allow 7 days from point of order to pick up date, and during major droughts this could be extended to about 14 days. Please also consider low power lines, low hanging tree branches and a turning circle for trucks to be able to easily access silos.

We stock the following:

22% Calf Weaner Pellets:

  • 22% Protein
  • Its a highly digestible and palatable feed designed for young calves. it can be fed from as early as the first week of age through to about 3 months of age.
  • Designed to be feed in conjunction with milk and milk replacers to meet specific requirements of the rapidly growing calf during the important transitional phase of rumen development.
  • Rumensin is included as a standard to help reduce risk of coccidiosis and also help improve feed efficiency. Acid Buf is also included as a standard to help ensure safe feeding and reduce acidosis risk.
  • High in protein and energy and fortified with minerals. It has been formulated with quality vegetable protein sources to ensure nutritional requirements for rapid muscle and bone development are met.
  • Contains vital minerals and vitamins
  • Available in 30kg bags or 800kg bulka bags

Calverite Plus Pellet:

  • Mainly fed to dry dairy heifers and cow prior to calving.
  • Specially formulated and highly palatable. Designed to be fed 3 weeks prior to calving.
  • High in protein and energy.
  • Biochlor is added as a standard into this pellet.
  • Rumensin is also included as a standard to assist with improving feed efficiency.
  • 18 % Protein
  • 12.5 MJ/kg of energy
  • Contains vital minerals and vitamins.
  • Stocked in 30kg bags or available in 800kg bulka bags.

16% Coastal Dairy Pellet:

  • Coastal is a high performance grain and mineral pellet.
  • It is highly digestible and contains a combination of grains
    to ensure a controlled fermentation in the rumen. This means that pasture utilisation can
    be maximised and a profitable level of milk production achieved, while maintaining cow
  • 16% Protein pellet
  • 12 MJ/kg energy
  • Includes Vitamins A, D, E and micro minerals, copper, cobalt, iron, iodine, manganese,
    selenium and zinc.
  • Also includes buffers to ensure safe feeding at high levels of intake.
  • available in 30kg bags or 800kg bulka bags.