Ambos Stockfeeds


stock feed

We produce commercial livestock feeds and animal nutrition products – formulated by specialist, professionally qualified animal nutritionists, and using locally sourced cereal grains and oilseed protein meals, blended with a wide range of minerals, fibres, co-products and micro-ingredients.

We stock the following Ambos products:

14% Sheep (Ewe & Lamb) Nuts:

Grain-based large (8mm diameter) pellets for the energy, protein and mineral supplementation of sheep and goats on limited or poor quality pasture. They are designed to maintain condition with protein and energy during periods of feed shortage and during pregnancy/lactation of ewes with lambs. they are to be fed in conjunction with mature pasture, hay or straw, after an introduction period.

  • 14% Protein
  • 12 Mj/kg Energy
  • Available in 20kg bags
  • Available in 1T bulk bags and bulk truck loads (Ordered as required)

All Purpose Pellet

Ambos All Purpose pellets is professionally formulated for multi-species of animals such as Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Alpacas, Deer, Horses, Pigs, Poultry and Rabbits.

It is a pelleted, convenient maintenance feed based on grains and vegetable protein meals. It does not contain any additives such as Rumensin and Bovatec.

  • 12.5% Protein
  • Available in 20kg bags

Scratch Mix:

Ambos Scratch Mix is a high quality, mixed grain and pellet feed which can be fed to grower chickens or adult fowls and most other poultry.

This mix is different from others as it is made from mixed whole and cracked grains and seeds, and pelleted protein meals for less dust and for better digestibility.

It is designed to be scattered on the ground and to promote “scratching around” activity in the birds. Feed free choice without restriction.

  • 12.5% Protein
  • Available in 20kg bags

Supercool Horse Pellets:

Ambos Supercool horse pellets is a specifically cool ingredient (low grain, low starch) pellet ration to supplement the protein and energy requirements of horses and ponies in moderate work, when fed in conjunction with available pasture and forage. It contains added vitamins, minerals and trace elements to deliver the required balance in a complete diet.

  • 12% protein
  • Available in 20kg bags