We stock a wide selection of Yates products in store.

Liquid Potash: Fruit and Flower booster fertiliser in a liquid form for quick uptake.

Droughtshield: Protective coating for the prevention of water loss – drought and frost proofs your plants.

Pest Oil: Petroleum Oil for the control of citrus leafminer, scale, mites, mealy bug, aphids and white fly on citrus, grapes, pome and stone fruit, roses, indoor and outdoor ornamentals.

Weed n Feed: Effectively controls bindii and broadleaf weeds in your lawn while also boosting nitrogen and iron levels. Hose-on packs available.

Anti-Rot: Phosacid systemic fungicide to control root rot, collar rot and downy mildew.

Mancozeb: Garden fungicide and miticide for the control of petal blight, powdery mildew, rust, dollar spot in lawns and mites.

Success: Insect control derived from beneficial soil bacteria for the control of caterpillars, codling moth, thrips, tomato leaf miner and pear & cherry slug.

Mavrik: Chewing and sucking insect pest killer.

Zaleton: Dual action systemic fungicide. An effective combination of two fungicides to prevent and control diseases on azaleas, roses and lawns.

Natures Way – Dipel: Biological caterpillar control. Made from a naturally occurring bacteria, Dipel effectively controls a wide range of leaf eating caterpillars. This organic product is safe for bees, ladybirds, birds, fish, mammals and pets.

Natures Way – Pyrethrum plus Oils: Organic ready-to-use spray containing pyrethrins and horticultural oils. Also contains seaweed for boosted plant growth.

Natures Way – Fruit Fly Control: Organic bait and foliar spray for the control of fruit flies. No withholding period.

Baythroid: Lawn grub and garden insecticide.

Confidor Tablets: Confidor is systemically taken up from the tablet via the roots to control pests. Contains added nutrient to boost plant growth.

Clonex: Hormone gel for softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings.